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I'm a college girl who likes to party, likes the boys and thinks that you would be a lot cooler if you bought some of my fine stuff.

For example, Party Hat Girl's Drink to Success Tote Bag picturethis very fine tote bag has my picture on it and one of my favorite slogans.

Click on the tote bag to see it and more of my very, very fine stuff. And you can buy it too!

Or, how about this cute little mouse pad Party Hat Girl Pink Cloud Mousepad picturewith a picture of me, sleeping. Did I mention that all my stuff has pictures of me on it. That is what makes it COOL!

Don't fall for any of that stuff that doesn't have my fine picture on it!

Like, if you clicked this you might see stuff that isn't about me, so don't touch that blue thing, OK?

They have this cute little pink T-shirt with a ring collar and a picture of me!

 I am enjoying a frozen treat.

 Jr. Ringer T-Shirt

You simply MUST click on this shirt to see it up close. And you MUST buy it or I'll be sad...



                   Party Hat Girl Sitting By a Tree picture

            This is me sitting under a tree.

           Party Hat Girl's By a Tree Green T-Shirt picture

And this is what that picture looks like on a green shirt!


The fine folks you bring you all my cool stuff have some other things. If you really want to take your chances with gear that I haven't told you is cool, you could look and see what is there. And all you would have to do is click this.

I did think this little guy was kinda cute:


and, if you really, really don't care if I think it is cool, and just want to take your chances, Click Here

Flowers Mug


I have mugs , pillows, mouse pads and lots of other cool stuff, and again they have my cool picture right on them!

Flowers Tote Bag


You really would like to carry stuff around in this neat bag, wouldn't you? It is yours for just a tiny amount of money--it will make you sooo happy. And it will make me happy too!

At the Beach Mousepad


I had a really rough day at the beach one day. Someone got this picture and they put it on this nice little mouse pad. And guess what, you can buy this too!

Since Valentine's Day is approaching, I, Party Hat Girl, found some valentine's stuff for you all. WARNING!! My pictures are not on these valentines, but they are still kinda cool!! Click the picture to the cutest. or click here to see all of them

Who Doesn't LOVE Coffee?


Sometime Saturday can pretty well use you up--like on football game days--and you have to spend Sunday merging with the couch!

Remember those Sundays with this cool design on lots of stuff!

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